Friday, January 13, 2012

T's First Birthday Party

Little T had such a great first birthday party! We made it a Very Hungry Caterpillar theme, since it's one of his favorite books, and since he crawls like a caterpillar. :)  I made his "party hat" with the caterpillar on it (inspired by one on Pinterest)

Here's the cake I made (Steve got fancy with the camera work)

Grayson was very proud that he got to help make the fruit caterpillars

Here's the final product -- grapes, strawberries, and chow mein noodles

The decorations

More decorations

The balloon caterpillar

Me and my T-bear

With his Daddy

Checking out his cake -- he was very impressed by my skills

With Uncle JD and Aunt Kenna

Loves from Nani

Fun Scentsy dog from Nani and Pop

This was his face when he realized he got a piece of the cake! SO excited!

Wow! That tastes good!

Shoving as much as he can in his mouth all at once

He actually didn't get as messy as I thought he would.  He kept the mess contained to his tray, and hands and face.

Gray got just about as messy as T did

So excited :)

Playing with Gram, Grampa, Uncle Jordan and Aunt Jessica

Opening presents

Fun bowling game from Gram and Grampa

Cute jungle book from the Gines'

He loved pulling the paper off :)

He loves this teether from Aunt Kenna and Uncle JD

Playing with the new bowling set

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