Saturday, November 6, 2010

Family photo peek

My amazingly awesome, talented, wonderful BFF Kandis took our family pictures a few weeks ago! I haven't gotten the full CD of all the pictures yet, but she posted some preview pics on her website, KJoPhotos. (OO! And she's doing an end-of-year sale -- an hour photo shoot for just $50!! Super-good deal! You should all go book a session right now!) Go take a look! I love them! :)  I was so worried that we weren't going to have ANY good ones -- it's not exactly easy to get a good picture of a wiggly, excited 2 year old boy that just wants to explore and climb the trees! But she got some GREAT ones! I will post more here when I get them all. :)
P.S. Don't you love that Elly the Elephant has to be in our family pictures, too? She IS part of our family for sure! Hehe


Sarah and Trent said...

That picture is awesome. Check out those cute SMiLEs from everyone!! It's so crazy to see how much Gray changes in every year family pic.

anne said...

LOVE IT LOVE IT ! AND !!! I just noticed the Thatcher Arie - - and you are 30 WEEKS !!! wow !!! OH MY !!! WOWOOOWWWWWOOOOOO!!!!
I'm not TOO excited, am I ??

Kandis & Derek said...

Glad you liked them! We did get some darling ones.