Monday, November 8, 2010

30 Weeks!

So far so good!! I'm 30 weeks pregnant now, and feeling great! (Well, compared to the last pregnancy, anyway!)  That's 2 weeks past when I was put on bed rest with Gray, so I'm tentatively hopeful that maybe this time I can stay away from the pre-term labor! At my last doctor's appointment, I was dilated "a fingertip" (which is less than a 1cm), and the doc said not to worry about it. I have some pretty good contractions now and again, and quite a bit of pressure pain, but hey, as long as I'm not dilating, I'm fine with that! I just hope I don't go beyond that "fingertip"! Little Thatcher is growing great, and I'm measuring exactly as I'm supposed to. I'm still not gaining much weight, however -- I've only gained about 3 lbs the whole pregnancy! But again, the doc isn't worried about it, and I'm measuring fine, so I'm okay with that :) I'm actually pretty surprised that I haven't gained like 40 lbs, because all I crave is SWEETS.  Chocolate, donuts, candy, muffins, cookies, cupcakes, chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. Seriously, I have DREAMS about Krispy Kremes. I try to get my sweet fix by eating lots of fruit, but usually end up eating a snack-sized 3 Musketeers afterward. :)  It's so weird, because with Gray, all I wanted was SOUR! Just goes to show how different each and every pregnancy can be! I'm trying to enjoy all I can about this pregnancy before it's over and the little man is here -- because 7-10 weeks is SO SOON!!!!! There are for sure some things I don't love about pregnancy:
2. being unable to sleep a whole night without waking up at least once -- for various reasons
3. I really miss taking super-hot baths, and sleeping on my stomach
4. being unable to see my legs so I nick myself a dozen times while shaving them/being able to see my feet to paint my toes
5. needing help when I try to get up after sitting on the ground
6. the difficulty bending over to pick something up/put my shoes on
7. did I mention the HEARTBURN?!
8. the moodswings -- I HATE that I snap at Grayson sometimes -- I've NEVER lost my temper with him before, and now I seem to do it several times a week -- hate, hate, hate it.
9. the crazy dreams -- seriously disturbing sometimes/ never feeling like I get enough sleep to feel TRULY rested.
10. all the aches and pains -- everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

But there are also some things I LOVE about being pregnant, too!
1. obviously - duh - I get a BABY out of it!!! :oD It's so exciting to know that I'll get to meet this new member of my family soon! I can't wait to get to know him!! And it makes everything above totally worth it!!!!
2. feeling the baby move! It's absolutely incredible -- every time! Even when it hurts a bit, or keeps me up at night. I love every kick, punch, stretch, hiccup, and roll!
3. people are generally a bit nicer to a pregnant woman -- you get random smiles everywhere you go, and people let you go ahead of them in long lines, etc. Pretty sweet.
4. not caring (for once) if I look "fat" -- because I'm SUPPOSED to have a nice big belly!!! Ahh, freedom from body issues!
5. hearing Steve talk to the baby -- makes me get a big goofy grin on my face
6. when Gray pats and kisses my tummy and says "Baby Brudder!"
7. getting a free pass to get people to do things for me -- lifting things, doing labor-intensive jobs, etc.
8. my hair and nails LOVE it when I'm pregnant. And most of the time, my skin does, too.
9. no one judges me when I order dessert after dinner. :)
10. the anticipation is wonderful! Speculating on what he will be like, look like, etc. -- it's just so fun!

Well, here's hoping that I have enough time to do everything I need to do before Thatcher comes -- there's a LOT to do, PLUS the holidays! This pregnancy definitely seems to be going by more quickly than the last, but I'm not going to complain about that! 30 weeks down, only 10 ten to go! Woo hoo!!!


Katie said...

I'm so glad things have gone so well so far. Dito to all the pro and cons of pregnancy! I can't believe you've only gained 3 pounds so far. That's amazing. I seriously HAD gained 40 pounds each pregnancy by the time I was 30 weeks pregnant :)

anne said...

you just look so beautiful ! Pregnancy just makes you glow! YOu really look great and just seem so happy :) I am getting so very excited TOO ! I am so thrilled to meet my newest grandbaby ! YAY

Momma Jello said...

How exciting! Not too much longer!!!

Sarah and Trent said...

What?! 30 weeks... that just was a wake-up call to me. Can't believe it. Loved your pregnancy tribute. :)

Amanda said...

So excited for you! And yay for eating dessert and not feeling guilty!!!
P.S. I love Thatcher as a name. So cute!