Saturday, September 4, 2010


Baby #2 is officially a BOY! I'm going to have TWO little boys! :) We're so excited!!! I'm still getting used to the idea -- since the beginning of this pregnancy, we were so sure it was a girl! Sure fooled us!! It will be so fun for Grayson to have a little buddy -- I think all boys need brothers!
All went well at the ultrasound -- everything looks good, he looks healthy! It was so fun to see the little guy wiggling and kicking and turning -- he was so active it was hard for the ultrasound tech to get good pictures sometimes! Here are some pictures:
Profile: (totally has Steve's nose and chin!!!)

Proof of the boy-ness:

LONG leg with a BIG foot!! Again, just like his daddy! :)

And here is an updated iPad shot -- this is actually how big Baby is right now!

The best part of having another boy is that I won't have to buy a SINGLE piece of clothing for this new little guy! Wahoo!! He's due a month before Gray's birthday, so all the clothes I had for Gray will be the right season. I can spend my money on other things :) I already bought a crib (AWESOME deal from Target -- buy a crib, get the matching changing table for FREE! -- couldn't pass it up), and now I'm working on cleaning out the 2nd bedroom so we have somewhere to PUT the crib. Steve says maybe we got a boy this time around because God knew we couldn't afford a girl right now -- I'm going to go a little crazy with the cute baby girl clothes when the time comes :)

The worst part of having another boy is that now I have to come up with another boy name!! We had a girl name picked out and ready to go, but boy names are so much harder!!! Our top three contenders right now are Abrahm, Merrick, and Asher. Other suggestions are welcome :) Vote on your favorite name over on my poll!!


behoxer said...

I'm so excited for you and your family! How nice that he will be able to use all the same clothes as Grayson. Just yesterday I was just mourning over the last time Kate would be able to wear a particular dress and was hoping for a similar situation next time! Anyway, congrats again! Asher Wayment has a nice flow, by the way, but I'll vote too!

Sarah and Trent said...

Wow, can you imagine being a momma of two?! It really just boggles my mind sometimes.. how time is just a flyin' by, and you'll have a toddler and a newbie. I'm so excited for this little guy~ and don't worry, he's going to be EXTRA specially dressed with some add-on hand-me-downs from Row!

Ty and Ber said...

Wahoo! A little brother. Those 2 boys will have so much fun. I don't have any suggestions as far as names go, I always felt that was the worst part about having a baby. I couldn't ever thing of names.

anne said...

I love boys! and babies ! YAY - another boy baby !!!
I am so very excited ! and whatever name I am sure I will love it too - it always happens cuz the baby is so loved ! YAY

Blake and Jessica said...

Congrats on another Boy! I would like two boys back to back as well for almost the exact same reasons you listed. Spend the money on things you WANT instead of what you NEED because you already have what you NEED! Boy names are difficulty, endless possibilites for girls but Boys are a little more difficult. Merrick would be my vote.

Emily said...

Congratulations - boys are so fun!!!

Tyson. Jacque. Jackson. Mason said...

Congrats! How fun two little boys!

mary said...

Boys definitely need a brother close!! Congrats!