Monday, September 13, 2010

Random Pictures

Just some random pictures of Grayson I thought I'd throw on here:

I LOVE this picture -- isn't he SO sweet?!?

Gray LOVES the trains at his Nana's house -- he's named every one after a character from Thomas and Friends.

Boy loves Cheetos.

More train love.

Gray loves lining his cars up, and any other toys he can fit onto his table. (side note: Gray has been on a monster kick lately, so I crocheted him one. I think he's pretty cute, and Gray loves him, too. His mouth is a pocket -- my intention was to eventually use him as a tooth fairy tooth holder thingy)

Every once in a while, Gray will bring me the camera and say "CHEESE!" and make me take pictures of him :) I usually get one good one before he does this :

Sweet sleepy boy.

We've been getting out some of the baby stuff, and Gray thought the baby swing was particularly fun. He'd climb into it by himself sometimes and just sit there, or swing himself back and forth.

He's so darn cute, I almost can't get mad at him for crushing his bowl of popcorn alllllll over the floor...


Momma Jello said...

He is one cute little man!

anne said...

oh I love the new pictures - he is such a "kid" now - just in time for that new little wee one
I sure do love him !