Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Random Post

I don't really have anything blog-worthy to write about. We haven't done anything particularly extraordinary lately. (Although Harmony DID ask me today if I was having much sex lately. In front of my mother-in-law's whole family. That was pretty darn funny [and a slip of the tongue, might I add -- supposed to be "much success lately"]). Anyway, here are some random pictures I've taken lately:

Here are my beautiful trees in our front yard. They only bloom for about a day and a 1/2, so I try to enjoy them fully while they do!

This is the view out my back door -- gorgeous, no?! :D

Here is Gray playing with some of my crocheted toys -- he loves the dogs :)

And here is my cutest dog Oliver! Isn't he so regal?! :)

Hehe -- some day, Gray will LOVE that I posted this pic on the internet! (bwa ha ha haaaa)! The other night, he squirmed out of my arms as soon as I got him out of the bathtub, ran to his room, and immediately tried to climb into his crib -- saying "nigh-night! nigh-night!" the whole time! Guess he was tired....

Well, I hope that was enough randomness for now :)


Ty and Ber said...

Oh my, what a nice slip of the tongue. That is too funny.
I love your trees. They look so pretty.
Gray is getting so big.

anne said...

what was the real question suppose to be ? that is too funny ???? !! hahaaa - and your reply was ???? tteeeheeeee - - -
gorgeous views - - even of Gray !

Tyson. Jacque. Jackson. Mason said...

What a cute little man you've got there!..Funny and quirky! We need to get our kiddos (not to mention the hubbys) together soon!

harmony marie said...

So all of you know, these embarrassing "slip of the tongue" are a frequent visitor in my world. Just keeping you all on your toes. Harmony

Momma Jello said...

Grayson is so cute and big!

Samantha said...

Harmony was asking me about my crocheted toys -- if I had "been having much success lately" selling them. When she said "Have you been been having much SEX lately", I laughed really hard and said, "Why, yes I have, thanks for asking" -- are you glad you asked, Mom??

anne said...

Yes - indeed , thanks for answering the question - - want more grandbabies you know :) phbt