Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bedtime Routine

So, I just have to document Grayson's bedtime routine, because I LOVE it, and I know someday I'll forget it...
Some days we start with a bath, which he loves. Then we brush his teeth (while I sing the "brush your teeth" song -- makes him laugh so I can brush all his teeth), and wash his face. He usually has to wash Ele's face too. Sometimes he gives himself a goodnight kiss in the mirror :). Then we change his diaper, put on his PJ's (he's usually holding one or two toys, so I take one and put it in my mouth so he can put his hands through the sleeves. He thinks that's so funny, he usually shoves the other one in my mouth too.) Then we jump over to his crib, where he and daddy usually have a tickle fight -- Gray likes to tell him which parts to tickle -- "Knee!!" "Hippo!"(elbow) "Chin!" "Cheek!" "Tum-my!" -- it's so cute! It probably only riles him up, but it's one of their daddy/son bonding times, so I let them do it :). Then we say our family prayer (and Gray always shoves a stuffed animal into the arms of whichever one of us isn't saying the prayer -- no idea why, but he always does it). He says "Amen!" at the end. Then he usually asks for a cracker, and takes an inventory of what he has in his crib. He has three different blankets that he HAS to have in there with him, and about 5 stuffed animals as well. And he KNOWS when one is missing. Sometimes he also needs some of his Fisher Price animals, and sometimes some of his cars. And of course he always needs Ele. He also gets a few books to read before bed -- lately he's liked to read them by himself -- guess I'm not very good at telling stories :) It's quite comical how many things he amasses sometimes. (When he falls asleep, I sneak in there and take most of it out, or at least move it all to the edges so he has someplace clear to sleep.) After he makes sure he has everything he needs, we sing the "Goodnight Grayson" song, give him hugs and kisses, then say "Nigh Night!" -- and he says "Night Tight!" -- his own version of 'sleep tight' I'm assuming :) I love it! He then reads/plays/jumps around/talks to his toys until he falls asleep. He sleeps with his bum in the air, his arms tucked underneath him, feet crossed at the ankles. Sometimes he bunches up a blanket under his tummy, and/or uses a stuffed animal as a pillow. He talks in his sleep. A lot. Mostly about cows, elephants, or hippos. Sometimes about Mom and Dad, Nana, Poppa, Gram, Grampa, Ollie, or Henry. Lately he's also included dinosaurs (currently obsessed with watching "The Land Before Time"). Mostly he just talks in jibberish that I can't understand. But he gets very animated, and talks very loudly, and very clearly. Sometimes he giggles :) I love that our room is right across the hall, so I get to hear it all. I love this little guy! :D


Unknown said...

ah cute!! And I love that he calls his elbow hippo. hehe!!
I'll have to bring up some of our Land Before Time books. :)

Sarah and Trent said...

oops. That was Sarah again. Sorry, I forget to log out from Willows, it's the google calendar for our babysitting co-op.