Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Ok, there are a LOT of pictures ahead. Sorry. I take way too many.
Here's what we did for our Fourth celebrations!! :)

We started out the day with the North Ogden Cherry Days parade -- thanks Tyson and Jacque for letting us hang out on your lawn :) It was the perfect place!

Gray loved the train! He kept saying "choo!" in this really soft voice! So cute

Yummy salt water taffy! He loved it, and it got EVERYWHERE. :P
Grandpa Scott did a great job getting candy for Grayson! He was even shoving little kids out of the way to get the candy before they did -- it was funny to watch! Grayson loved it.
He got a little anxious with all the people around. Needed a little elephant-comfort. :)
Daddy sneaking some of Gray's candy :) I think he enjoyed it just as much as Gray did!
Grandpa Scott snagged this ball for Grayson, and he carried that thing around with him the rest of the day! The boy loves balls!
Tyson had a giant bag of peas from his garden that everyone was eating -- they were yummy! Grayson loved them, too! Almost as much as the candy! :) (This is Steve's great photography work.)
Grayson had fun playing with Brylee -- isn't she so cute?! I love her face in this picture!
Sharing the peas.

Brylee was so cute -- she kept feeding Gray the peas and helping him drink from his sippy cup! She's such a good little mommy! :)
I thought this was cute with the little pea sticking out of his lip.
Here's Brylee helping again! So cute :)

Then we went to the Barkers' house for swimming and a BBQ! So fun! Here are the self-proclaimed "Old folks" sitting outside watching us young folk swim :) I didn't get any pics of us swimming, but we had lots of fun!
Gray liked the ears on his puppy towel :)
Then we headed over to my mom's house for dinner! Gray found a puddle in the driveway, and he was in heaven! He was jumping and splashing and giggling up a storm! So cute! (don't mind the messy face -- he just ate a chocolate chip cookie)

Grayson loved when Uncle JD blew bubbles for him! So did my mom's dog Henry -- he chased them down with Grayson, and Gray thought that was extra fun! :)

Some of the awesome fireworks in the driveway. Gray was getting tired, so we had to start the fireworks before it got dark.
Here's a cute picture of Gray and his Poppa watching the fireworks! (Also, notice his THREE different outfits he's wearing in these pictures? Oo-- FOUR if you count his swimsuit!!! He had SO much fun, he got really, really messy. A lot. So we had three wardrobe changes. :) Good thing I had three patriotic outfits handy :) hehe!)


Katie said...

I noticed all the outfit changes! haha! Very cute!!! Looks like you guys had a very fun 4th!

anne said...

Thanks for working us all IN the festivities ! so fun ! Grayson was so dang cute and happy w/ all the activities - a busy day. Happy Fourth of JULY ! where did May and June go tho ? Yes, Gray is the best dressed young man of 16 months I know !
LOVE YOU all !

Ty and Ber said...

I can't believe how big he is getting. Looks like he had an awesome 4th of July.

Jennifer said...

That was such a fun 4th. We really need to get together more so the kiddos can play.

Sarah and Trent said...

Yes I noticed how great it was that all his outfits were red, white, and blue!! So darn cute that little boy. I love that you take lots of pictures!! Keep em comin.

Tyson. Jacque. Jackson. Mason said...

Wow...What a busy 4th you had! Thanks for coming and hanging with us for a little bit!!!