Friday, May 22, 2009

Some Fun Pics

Here are some fun pictures from this week! Thanks, Momma!!
My sister Sarah and her one-month-old baby Rowan came to visit this week! We had so much fun playing with them!!

Grayson was fascinated with Rowan! He would walk over to him, talk to him, and pat him on the head or feet! So sweet!

Eating yummy ice cream cones! Grayson's favorite treat in the world!! And it was Farr's ice cream -- so of course it was sooooooo very yummy!!

Then we visited Ama (my grandma) at her house! Ama has the best back yard! It has these huge boulders that are the best for climbing on! My cousins and I had many fun times on these rocks! I also had my bridal photos taken here. So it's fun to see my boy enjoying them, too!

Ama and two of her great grandkids! And two of her grandkids, too :)

Another great part of Ama's house -- the porch swing! Gray LOVED it!

Here are some funny pictures of me snuggling with Rowan! Isn't he so sweet?! He liked snuggling with me -- must be those big, soft pillows he's lying on ;) hehehe

This was Gray at Sunday dinner -- he was done with letting me feed him pieces of the chicken -- he wanted the whole piece! So we gave him the chicken on a fork, and he just bit off huge chunks to eat! He was so happy! Such a funny guy!

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anne said...

what a fun time we had ! thanks Sarah and Rowan for coming to see us all ! OH I love my grandsons !!! what a treat they are to ME ! LOVE YOU