Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gray and the Broom: Part II

My dad is sucha good Poppa!! He heard how much Grayson loved the big broom, and how I wanted a smaller one. So he went out to look for one -- but like me, he couldn't find one! So he bought a regular broom, sawed off the end and put a cap on the end, so it was Gray's size!! How cute is that!? And Gray LOVES it!! He carries it all over and pushes his toys all around. And I love that he doesn't knock things over! :)

(Just a side note -- notice the one bare foot -- he took off one shoe and walked around like that for a few hours -- he wouldn't let me put the other one on, OR take the one off!!! Silly boy)

I had to put this picture in, even though there's a shadow over the side of his face -- look at those gorgeous eyes!!! :D

And look at that face! He was mad because I wouldn't give him the camera.

THEN, Grayson found the big broom. And he was no longer content with the little broom. He wanted both!!! I have since hidden the big broom in a different closet, so he doesn't know where it is -- so he's content again with his little broom now. But these pictures crack me up!!

Thanks, Dad! We love you!


Amanda said...

Oh I love, love, love it! He is such a cutie. Yay for grandparents that's for sure!
And yes. He has AMAZING eyes.

Becky said...

What a nice Poppa! Those pictures are so cute. And how nice to have a cleaning helper! :)

anne said...

PPoppa was as excited about the whole broom creation as Gray - his anticipation to give it to Gray was just the funniest ever ! LOVE them both - - - silly "guys"

Jennifer said...

I love these pictures.

The Rice's said...

The broom love affair is SO dang funny. I just love reading stories about how clever your little man is. I really loved the one where he was hiding stuff in the plant. I laughed forever on that one. What a funny boy and such a doll!! :)