Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Halloween! (a little late! hehe)

Every year my mom dresses up as a witch! And she's awesome at it! She is know as the "witch on 27th street" and is quite famous in the neighborhood!! :) We had to bring Grayson over to meet the witch for the first time! And isn't he so cute in his giraffe costume?

Gotta love this picture! Love you, Momma!

Gray trying to eat the witch's nose! Hehe! Silly boy!

I thought Gray would cry when he saw my mom -- he's getting quite the stranger anxiety lately! But he knew who she was and went right to her!

Daddy and Gray in his glow-in-the-dark ghost shirt!

Momma and Gray in his "Baby's First Halloween" bib!


Sammy said...

you've gotta love Ann lowe when she dresses up! I love it, how fun, grayson looks so cute.

Camille said...

Your mom's costume was awesome!!! Grayson looked so cute too!!!! Great fun..

Katie said...

Your mom is so awesome!! Love that picture of Grayson chewing on her nose!