Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Baby's First Easter!!

Grayson was very excited for his very first Easter! Okay, so I was excited for his first Easter! I figured this is probably the only time I could dress my boy up like a bunny -- so I did!! His little onesie said "Baby's First Easter" on it, the pants had bunny feet, and he even had a matching bunny hat! You can't really see the bunny ears, but I swear they were so cute!!! :)

I had to put in this picture so you could see the bunny feet!! :)

Grayson's first egg hunt at his great-grandma Oka's house was spent strapped to his momma! He slept pretty much the entire time! He's such a snuggler -- he loves being in the sling!

These are Steve's cousing Tracey and Kim -- and Kim's adorable twins Bradley and Laney!! How cute are they in their Easter best?! :) They were so fun to watch gather up all their eggs -- and sneak more candy when their mom wasn't watching! ;) I can't wait until Grayson is old enough to run around with them!!!


April said...

So cute, love the bunny, I love when they are little and you can dress them how you want. He still is super cute, looks just like you Manth. And love the sling, super cute.

Amy said...

Oh my gosh! He is so adorable! I love the bunny outfit, and do it as long as you can!!

Torman said...

Samantha I love that sling! I have to ask did you make that? It does not look frumpy like some you see. Way Cute!!

Sarah and Trent said...

He is the cutest little bunny ever. No worries, I'm sure JD will find a way to show him the picture someday... :) haha!