Saturday, March 1, 2008

Grayson Wesley Wayment!

He's finally here!!! Grayson was born on Monday February 25th at 8:20 pm, weighing in at a hefty 8#8oz -- and let me tell you I felt every ounce!!! The delivery went very well (epidurals are the best medical advancement in history) but I did have to push for 2 1/2 hours -- very much not fun! And the doctor had to use the vacuum -- his poor little head is so sore!! But he is here now, and of course he is the cutest baby in the whole world!! We are completely in love!

Getting some much needed rest with Momma! He is a very snuggly guy -- I LOVE it!!!

Grayson loves having his right hand up by his face -- and he is such a little poser!

After Daddy's first diaper change!! He's a natural already!! Grayson loves when his daddy snuggles him and talks to him -- his eyes get so wide and he focuses so intently on Steve -- he loves the sound of his voice!

I swear I didn't intentionally match my child's going-home outfit to the carseat fabric! It just worked out that way! But how cute is he?!!! He's already figured out how to hold his binki in his mouth and will actually put it back in his mouth himself! I have given birth to a genius!!!

I thought this was so funny I had to throw it in too -- Ollie has been a little jealous of Gray -- he thinks that when Nana visits that she should hold HIM like a baby too!!! He's been very protective of the baby, too -- he thinks every time he cries that it means he wants Ollie to lick his head. He is being very sweet, but a little over-enthusiastic at times. He's getting better though and is getting more used to the new kid taking over his turf!

I absolutely love Grayson's eyelashes -- they are the longest baby eyelashes I have ever seen!
I am completely and totally in love with this little guy! Being his momma is the best feeling -- I can't believe the immense amount of love I have for him -- I could just stare at him all day long!!


April said...

I am so in love with him. oh my gosh, so so so cute. I just love him. I am glad things went well and now you can just enjoy him.
(Hey I think my mom gave you a binky clip, I can get you an attachment if you use the soothie, just let me know and I'll get one too you.)
Good job, cute. Oh and I have always loved that name, Grayson, so cute.

Torman said...

wow!! he is super cute, can we put an order in for one? Maybe just a litte smaller though 8 pounds woweee! he will not be in newborn clothes for long so don't get mad if he leaks through or spits up on his clothes. just think of it as getting use out of those tiny clothes that he will not be in for long. good work you guys and Congratulations!!!!

Becky said...

Cute cute name! He is darling!

Amy said...

He is adorable! Congratulations!

C and C Young said...

I love the name and he is SO cute. Congrats--I am so glad everything went well.

Sarah and Trent said...

I was laughing right out loud at Ollie! I was wondering how he's doing with all the excitement. Those are DANG cute pictures of Grayson with his hand up under his head!!! Oh I can't wait to see him again. I hope I can make it on the early flight Friday.

Amy said...

Oh my goodness! He is adorable! I just want to kiss his cheeks! My bing was 8.5lbs the chubs are the best!!! I want to visit sometime!!!