Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bye, Jordan!!!

Steve's brother Jordan left for the MTC last week! He's going to the Ohio, Cleveland mission, and he's so excited!! He left while I was still on bedrest, so he stopped by my house on his way down to Provo to say goodbye -- what a good brother-in-law!! He's sad that he had to leave before Baby is born, but we all decided maybe it's for the best -- Baby will be a little bigger/more durable when Jordan gets home! :) The first thing Jordan said when he found out we were going to have a boy was "I'm going to wrestle him"!!!! I think that would be a little better with a two-year-old rather than a newborn, don't you think?! It's going to be a lot quieter and a lot less interesting without Jordan around! I will miss the frequent text-messages with pictures of his latest emergency-room visit injuries, and the random calls asking how to spell random words ("Sam, how do you spell 'pheasant'? Ok, thanks, bye")!! He will be such an outgoing, fun and effective missionary!


Becky said...

He is so cute! Was he that little boy that I met a long time ago at Steve's house? He was so little!! Time flies. How you feeling?

harmony marie said...

Hooray! For no bed rest, we'll have to go to a movie or something. . . Hope you guys are doing well!