Friday, February 22, 2008

Exciting news!

Steve got Lasik eye surgery yesterday!!! :) So far, his eyes are still very uncomfortable/sometimes painful, but he really can see well! I'm so excited for him! It's my turn next...after I'm finished breastfeeding the baby! So it'll be a while, but I'm looking forward to it -- I'm already jealous of him!! I'm not used to seeing him without his glasses so much -- he's so handsome :)
I have an update on the baby as well: I went to the doctor yesterday, and I am dilated a little more -- 3 1/2 or 4 cm -- and maybe a little more effaced. She stripped my membranes (can you say OUCH!!!!!) and we scheduled an induction for Monday!!!! So I have the weekend to go into labor on my own, but we at least have an end point in sight!!!! I'm so excited! I want to hold him right now :)


Becky said...

How exciting! I hope everything goes well for you, I'll be thinking of you. I'll call you in a couple weeks and see if I can come visit. Love ya!

April said...

I am so jealous, lasik, I want it bad. Good luck with the baby, I am so excited for you and your fam. Be sure to keep us updated and show pics. And the stripping membranes, so not fun I totally agree, isn't there an epidural for that too?

Sarah & Trent said...

ooooh ouchie. I'm so sorry you had to go through that Manth. It will all be a fuzzy memory in comparison to the utter joy of looking at that little guy, right?
I want to put him in some little shoes. Yeahhhhh I won't want to let anyone else hold him. I'm so excited!!
Interesting that Grayson is the top pick for names on the blog!! That's my fave.

Sarah & Trent said...

oh wait! I see now that was an "old poll". Now the tops are Aiden and Eli. Super cute super cute!!