Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fun family time!

We had a get-together with all the "Lowe Ladies" (my dad's side of the family) on Saturday! So much fun! It was so fun to see everyone and chat -- mostly about babies and labor!! My cousin Katie just had her baby Keegan last month, so we are all so focused on babies right now!!! This was the first time I got to see Keegan because he was born while I was on bedrest, and I was so excited to hold and snuggle him!! It just made me want MY baby here even more!!!!

It was so weird to hold him with my humongous belly in the way!! I'm very used to holding new babies, but this was so funny! He just didn't quite fit!!!

Close-up of cute little Keegan!! He is so snuggly!!!

And here is the latest belly-pose!! I am seriously getting SO HUGE! It's so hard to do every-day things like get up from a chair, or put my socks on!! My sweetest husband had to help me put my boots on this morning -- and he had to help me out of the tub the other night -- I got stuck!! Everyone pray for me to have this kiddo this week, ok?! It is definately time!!!!! :)


Becky said...

HAHAHA! I remember Josh having to help me get dressed a few times- especially shoes. You're beautiful though!

Jason+Lindi said...

You are almost there!! Good luck and we will be praying!

C and C Young said...

I am sending baby delivery vibes your way!