Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happy Birthday, Grayson!

Grayson is 4!! Can you believe it?! I sure can't! He is such a little BOY now! He is so much fun! (most of the time -- ha!)

Here are a few cute pics I took of him on Sunday.  Then there are a few answers to questions I asked him about his favorite things.

showing me how old he is :)

Grayson's Favorite Things -- 4 years old  2/25/2012
(I've written his responses exactly as he gave them.  Most of them have more than one answer -- guess he doesn't quite get what a FAVORITE really is yet.  Plus, before every answer, he always said "Hmmm." with his finger on his chin.  Too cute!)
1. What's your favorite animal? Tigers.  And lions.  And bears.  And gorillas.  And hippos. And dragons. And.... (the boy LOVES animals! I had to stop him there.)
2. What's your favorite color? Green.
3. What's your favorite food? Pizza.  And fries and chicken nuggets.  And sprinkles. 
4. What's your favorite toy to play with? Ellie (his ever-present elephant -- see above pics!)
5. What's your favorite book? Hungry Bunny. And Chicken Cheeks and Cat in the Hat. 
6. What's your favorite movie? Lion King. And Rio.
7. What's your favorite TV show? Phineas and Ferb. And Diego. And Super Why.
8. What's your favorite game to play? Play Angry Birds.  And Four Swords with Daddy.
9. What's your favorite thing to play outside? Go on walks outside in the wagon with mommy, and Ollie, and Thatcher.
10. Where is your favorite place to go in the car? Nani's house.  And preschool.  And the Treehouse. And the pet store  And the Dinosaur Park.  And go shopping.
11. What's your favorite thing to wear? My pirate shoes and my tiger shirt. (his high-tops that have a little skull and bones patch on the sides, and a orange/brown/blue striped T-shirt)
12. Who's your best friend? Thatcher (awwww!)
13. What's your favorite thing to do at Nani and Poppa's house?  Swing so high. And the big giraffe.  And play 'get you' with Poppa!
14. What's your favorite thing at Gram and Grandpa's house? Koda! (their dog). And chocolate! (haha!)
15. What's your favorite song to sing? Popcorn popping. And I Am a Child of God. 


anne said...

ahhh ! that is so precious ! I got a bit teary to think he is so big now ! I so love him - even his little temper has potential ! He has determination I tell you!! Happy Birthday Mr. Grayson Wesley WAyment !!! :D ( one of my favorite things is when he comes to Nani's house too)

Sarah and Trent said...

aw, so CUTE!! I can picture him rolling those answers out a mile a minute. Hope he feels better soon! :(