Sunday, February 19, 2012

Grayson's Angry Birds Party

On Saturday, we had Grayson's birthday party (a week early), since it seemed to work best for everyone we wanted to invite :) Ever since Thatcher's birthday party, Gray has been telling me EVERY DAY that he wants an Angry Birds birthday party.  So he got one! 

Gray is more than a little obsessed with Angry Birds, so he LOVED his party!
Thanks to my friend Brandy for letting me borrow the decorations she made for HER son's party! :) 

I bought a boring plain Costco cake and put the Angry Birds board game on top -- this way he can play with it afterwards, too! 

He loved his cake, and tried to play with it as soon as he saw it.  I told him he had to wait until after dinner, and after everyone sang to him.  After that, every few minutes he'd go around telling people to sing Happy Birthday to him.  :)  He really wanted to play with those Angry Birds! 

Dressed up balloons :)
Cousin Rowan checking out the balloons
Isn't this the cutest picture!? Nani and Poppa with baby Holland

Some of the guests -- Nani, Uncle Trent, Poppa, Auntie Sarah (with Holland), Jessica (with Molly), and Ama.  I was bad at taking pictures -- I guess I didn't get everyone else in a pic.  Uncle JD and Aunt Kenna were also there, as well as Uncle Jordan, Grandpa Scott, Adam, and Carson.  Oh, and Steve and I were also there :)

Gray giving Holls a little kiss  
Opening presents.  Gray made out like a bandit! He got so many fun books, clothes, cars, dinosaurs, and toys!  Uncle JD and Aunt Kenna even got him a SECOND Angry Birds game, so he's been having some epic set-ups! Thank you, thank you to everyone!

We bought him this tiger dress-up jacket, because he's always pretending like he's a tiger -- they're his favorite!

Lots of animal books -- everyone knows him so well :)

I crocheted him these Angry Birds -- he has a store-bought red one and loves it, so I decided instead of shelling out tons of money for all of them, I'd just make them myself! They turned out pretty cute, I think!
I also made the little blue one, but he found it last month, and I let him keep it -- so it wasn't with these ones.  Also, the pig with the helmet isn't in this picture, but I made that one, too.

Gray and Steve stayed up for a while after the party playing the game. 

I love my little mister! I can't believe he's FOUR! Love you, buddy!

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anne said...

what a fun fun party it was ! YOu area great party planner ! Gray was so very cute, excited, and happy. The real question tho - how late did Steve stay up playing angry birds ? ( picture to come soon.)