Sunday, December 18, 2011

Happy Santa Claus Day!

Steve and I decided that our family is going to have Santa come the week before Christmas (we were going to have him come on the Dutch holiday Sinterklasse day on December 6th, but, uh...Santa wasn't quite ready!)-- this way, we can have one day for Santa, and then have Christmas be about CHRIST.  So this past Friday night, Gray made cookies with Nani (the traditional stars, bells, and snowmen, but there were also some ghosts and bats in there, too), and we set them out for Santa.  He didn't disappoint!

Grayson got a little trampoline -- he's loved bouncing like a kangaroo, frog, lemur, and a monkey on it. 

He got these little bath toy animals in his stocking

He spent the first hour just lining the animals up in various places around the room.

T slept in for a while, but when he woke up, he was excited for his bead toy, some books, and a teddy bear.

Playing with the new loot!

I had to put him in his Santa outfit after his morning diaper change.  He is so stinkin' cute!

He loves books, and he really loved the Hungry Caterpillar book! He flipped through it and babbled at it for a long time

...he also chewed on it a bit.

I had to include these cute close-ups -- he is just too adorable

Gray wanted T on the trampoline with him.  T was excited :)
Gray was excited to show T all his animals
T taking a turn on the tramp. Ha - not really, but he did like standing there and kind of bouncing/wobbling around -- don't worry, I was right next to him the whole time.
It was a fun, relaxed morning.  Grayson gets so overwhelmed by all the usual Christmas festivities, so it was nice to have a morning to ourselves -- nowhere to be, no one to visit. We let Gray go through his presents at his own pace -- like I said, he spent an hour alone on the animals before he even looked at his other presents.  It was early afternoon before he even got to the tramp, and he didn't look through his books until just before nap time. But he eventually got to everything, and loved it all. In his prayers that night, he thanked Heavenly Father for Santa and all his new presents.  He said it was the "best day ever". And I'm excited to spend the rest of the time until Christmas focusing on the Savior, service, and family. Here's to new traditions :)


Sarah and Trent said...

perfect!! Love those pictures. Can't wait to see you guys soon.

anne said...

Great idea - little kids get so overwhelmed - - looks like the perfect idea especially while they are little. Just the perfect amount of presents too so they can enjoy.