Sunday, December 18, 2011

11 Months Old!

Baby Thatcher is 11 months old! (I'm late blogging about this -- he turned 11 months on 12/6/11).  He is still just the sweetest little guy, and so happy and smiley!  He has the best, deep gut-laugh that always makes everyone that hears it laugh right along with him. He's still not really crawling in the traditional sense, but he gets on his belly and pushes with his feet/pulls with his forearms, so he can get where he wants to go pretty well.  He can pull himself up to standing very easily, and sometimes even does it without holding on to anything.  He cruises around the furniture, and uses his play table as a kind of walker -- he pushes it in front of himself and shuffles along behind it. He has his bottom two teeth, and loves to eat Cheerios with them. He says 'dada', 'mama', 'daaa'(dog), 'naaanaa'(nonies), and 'baabaa' (brother, I think --he says it when he sees Grayson).  He signs dad, mom, milk, eat, all done, binky, and more. He loves his Sophie giraffe toy, his rattle, books, and pretty much anything Grayson is playing with. We love you little T-bear!

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