Saturday, November 12, 2011

10 Months Old!

Baby Thatcher is 10 months old -- my how time flies :)  This sweet little guy is so much fun! He's changing so quickly. He says dada, mama, daaa (dog), and numerous babbles and coos.  I swear he said 'Thatcher' today :D  He signs 'eat', 'milk', and 'all done'. He still doesn't crawl, but he can kind of wiggle-worm his way around on the floor to get where he wants to go.  He pulls himself up to standing really easily, and has started to cruise around the furniture. He'll even take steps if you hold his hands -- silly kid is going to walk before he crawls.  He has one tooth so far, and is working on another one. He still just laughs and smiles all the time -- we love it!  Here's some of his 10-month pics.

He decided to chew on his sticker -- hence the wrinkled shirt :P

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anne said...

I can't believe it ! yes time flies - - and I feel like I've missed something. OH - I love this boy.