Wednesday, October 12, 2011

9 Months Old

Geez.  This little guy just keeps getting bigger.  Someone figure out a way to keep him little, already!! :)
He is just over 18 lbs (13%), just over 28 inches (73%).  He is very close to crawling, but mostly just sits contentedly where I put him.  He's such a sweet, chill little guy.  He smiles, laughs, and babbles all the time -- mostly "dada" and "baba", and lots of "oooooOOOooo!".  He is so much fun and I just kiss his little cheeks all day :)

(Grayson's sneak attack with his Angry Bird.  Hehe)


Kandis & Derek said...

He's getting so big!! Can't wait to see you Saturday

behoxer said...

Yep, he's still cute as can be!

The Rice's said...

He is SO cute! Kailee always is saying how much she loves to play with him. Love those big eyes too!

anne said...

Great pics as always ! Love them all - love the curls - the blue eyes are great ! YAY For THatcher