Tuesday, October 11, 2011

JD and Kenna got MARRIED! :D

My big brother JD just got married!!! He found a wonderful girl named Kenna, and we all love her to death! She fits him so well, and they are great together! They had their wedding this past Saturday on October 8th, and it was a beautiful, small, simple celebration in my parents' back yard.  JD's best friend Matt got a minister's license and performed the ceremony for them. JD got down on one knee and 'proposed' to Kenna before he put the ring on her finger, because he felt 'jipped' that he never got to formally propose. JD snuck kisses in after he and Kenna both gave their vows (even after she said "You can't kiss me until the end!") -- it was very cute :)  It was all very sweet and tender.
Steve and my sister Sarah took the pictures, and I got to edit them with my new editing software (thanks again, Steve-o!).  I could not stop smiling the whole time I was editing them! I'm just so, so, SO happy for them!! Ready for the picture dump?! :) Here's a ton of fun pics -- I can't just pick a few favorites :)

This is my absolute favorite picture! They're so cute and happy and in love :) 

The beautiful bride

The pretty cake

Me and my Steve-o

Kailee and JD

The siblings

A rare picture of a real JD smile :)

Too funny :)

Her beautiful bouquet 

Kenna, Kailee, and JD

Cutest Rowan

Cute Kenna

JD and Ama

The happy couple

Lots of kisses that day :)

The newlyweds with my parents
I had lots of fun making the desert stands and the favors -- Kenna was a good sport to let me keep adding in all my ideas :)  And I even made her, JD, and Steve help with assembly.  Such good helpers :)
Congratulations to the newlyweds! And welcome to the family, Kenna!  We couldn't be happier for you guys!

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anne said...

great pics -captured the love so well ! YES ! we are so happy - and yes we DO LOVE KENNA!! Yay for waddings and love