Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Great Day at the Zoo

We had a great day today at the zoo! It wasn't too hot, there was a slight breeze, and there weren't many people there! I think I'll always wait til September to go :)

I brought our wagon, and it was wonderful.  Gray and Row rode most of the time in it, and had a great time. (And I got a great work-out pulling them up all the hills!!)

Nani and Thatcher

We sat and watched the bulldozer demolish one of the bathrooms for like 20 minutes.  The little boys were fascinated.  It was pretty cool.

Of course we love the elephants!

Obligatory gorilla-measuring :)

Grayson wouldn't go over there, but here are the rest of them

My perfect impression of the gorilla.

Grayson's perfect impression of the gorilla :)

Rowan and Sarah's perfect impressions of the gorilla :)

T riding the wooden horse with Nani

Gray on the horse

Gray really liked the rhinos

Nani's favorite -- the giraffes!!

Gray's favorite -- the tigers. We had to go back to see them twice.  Even though they were in the corner in the shade, and you could barely see them.

Fascinated with the big boa constrictor.

Cute little boys

T's mid-zoo siesta.  I love the foot propped up on the bar. :)

Gray and Row were fascinated by the carousel

So we all took a ride! Gray beamed the whole time! (Last time we went, he wouldn't go near it, so that's progress!)

We tried to get a pic of Nani with all 4 grandkids, and it was quite funny.  Here are the three best ones.

(I let Gray pick out two new animals for his collection -- a rhino and a giraffe -- he was very excited)

(Row decided it was fun to lie down in the fountain ball thingy -- he got drenched!)
What a fun day! We sure love these little kiddos!

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anne said...

I had so much fun watching all the kiddos ! thanks for taking Nani along too :)