Sunday, July 31, 2011

Silly Grayson!

My little boy is getting so big! I just wanted to document some things he's been up to lately.
He's so cute and fun! :)

A few days ago, Gray came up to me crying, with his pointed finger extended. When I asked him what was wrong, he pouted "Mommy, I hurt my 'One'!"

The other day, my mom and dad took us out for ice cream at Farr's. Gray actually declined all offers to get him an ice cream cone (!), and instead persuaded his Poppa to buy him this buffalo.  He was beyond excited, and has been carrying it around with him ever since.

Thanks Poppa!

He loves the buffalo! He named it "Dude"

I always find Gray in the strangest places/positions while he's sleeping.

The boy loves his stuffed animals!
Feet still on the ground

Yes, that's Gray. Fast asleep.  In the top drawer of his dresser.

I still don't know exactly how that happened.

This confuses me, too. I have no clue how he could fall asleep like that!!

So happy with his sea shells he found at Bear Lake

His "pretty bracelets"
A hamper on his head.  You can also see his "tunnel fort" in the background -- the blanket over his bed
We've been taking lots of walks with the wagon Nana and Pop gave him for his birthday

Gray loves the bench swings by our house (so does Ollie)

Gray being a "lion in the jungle" in the backyard. We may have waited a bit too long to cut it... :)

He thought he needed a turn sitting in T's Bumbo

Making dinosaur footprint cookies (sugar cookies with his dinosaur toys' feet pressed into them)

With his Mr. Potato Head glasses

He loves his wood sword his Nana bought him at the farmer's market

Oh, I love this sweet boy!!


Momma Jello said...

OH my goodness, those sleeping pics had me laughing out loud! SOOOOO funny! You have some super cute boys.

Sarah and Trent said...

Oh those are hilarious. The top drawer one...?!!!! HAhahahahaaabwahaha! These boys' eyes are just gorgeous.. my goodness. And there's a picture of you as a baby that looks just like Gray's smile in that one with the glasses!

anne said...

oh I love HIM ! such a character. I won't ever tire of his stories and adventures :D