Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Independence Day

We had a great Fourth of July -- lots of celebrating with family and friends!

On the 3rd, we had a Lowe family dinner at Ama's house:

Ama and her great-grandson Thatcher (And Jenn in the background with another one -- Hunter. These little guys are just two of her FIVE great-grandbabies born this year!)

Nana and baby T -- she was giving him some water, and he pulled the funniest faces! Not a fan.

Thatcher loved Uncle Craig's beard -- he kept petting it, grabbing it, and staring at it :)

Jenn and sweet baby Hunter

Gray loved following Keegan around and playing on the rocks

A rare smile from Uncle JD :)

The patriotic brownies I made :)

After dinner, we went over to Steve's grandma Oka's house for fireworks.  Gray loved the sparklers. He was scared to DEATH of the other fireworks. Full-on panic mode. They were loud and bright, and unexpected. Thatcher was looking pretty panicked as well, so we went inside, and then went home. Oh, well.

On the 4th, we went to the Cherry Days parade in North Ogden -- and sat on the Barker's lawn again (Thanks, Jacque and Tyson!) -- Gray was mostly just interested in the horses, then went and played on the swingset in the back yard -- until he fell off backward off the swing, and got a pretty good scrape/bruise on his back. Yeah, we went home after that, and got a good nap in.

After our nap, we went to the Barker's for a pool party and BBQ. Gray is also afraid of pools for whatever reason, so we had fun running around in the back yard until we ate :)
Grandma Jeanne with her grandsons

Steve-o with his chubby baby

It was so fun to see so many people we love over the weekend.  I love our country, and I'm so thankful for everyone who makes it possible for our country to be so great. Happy Fourth, everyone!

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anne said...

Great pictures to capture the festivities ! LOVE those boys - and so glad to live in this country where we can so enjoy them !!!! LOVE YOU !!!