Friday, May 13, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!

Grayson, Thatcher, my mom and I tagged along with Steve the first week in May -- he had a conference at Caesar's Palace he was attending/presenting at, so we came with him! My sister and her family live there, so we had lots of fun while Steve worked :)
The boys actually did great riding in the car for 8 hours straight. Better than I expected.
We stayed at the Caesar's Palace -- pretty nice. Lots of fountains and statues.

Gray loved the statues around Caesar's Palace -- especially the Pegasus.  He didn't love the ones that moved, though -- they were a bit creepy.

Trent scored us FREE tickets to the Blue Man Group!!! It was awesome -- SO much fun! Thanks again, Trent!
We went to different parks a lot -- so many fun parks around where Sarah lived. One day, a guy came to the park with his two parrots! Gray loved them, and tried to climb right up on the bench with them -- until the guy told us they bite.

One day we went to this fun farm that offered pony rides. Grayson didn't want anything to do with the pony rides, but climbed into the pen with one of the horses. Go figure.


Grayson's favorite animals were the tortoises -- he kept going back to them over and over.

This is Thatcher watching the chickens -- he was fascinated!

Llama llama llama!!

We visited the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay -- Gray loved it! Here is Daddy and G with the Kimodo Dragon

Big, creepy fish.

Gray kept grabbing Steve's head every time he saw a new animal.

He LOVED the tunnel, and stayed in there most of the time.  He screamed when we tried to move on. He kept saying "Wow... Wow."

Proof I was there, too.  T liked the tunnel, too -- his little eyes were darting back and forth as fast a they could go.

Gray didn't want to touch the sting rays, but Ellie went for a swim with them briefly.  Oops.  Rowan called them "Stinky rays"

Fun jellyfish -- lots of them

Steve's favorites -- the turtles

Lots of sharks.  Creepy.

Close-up of the shark

Nana was so very nice to buy this blue sea horse for Gray -- and he's been carrying it around with him ever since.  That, and little miniature shark, dolphin, and orca figurines she bought, too.

Rowan got a "stinky ray"  hehe :)

We had lots of fun in the Caesar's Palace pool! This was T's first time swimming, and he loved it! It helped that the pool was as warm as bath water.

Cute cousins

Again, proof I was there...

Steve brought his laptop out by the pool so he could work while we played.
Steve got a gift certificate to the Caesar's shops, and he gave it to me! So I got this hat (cute, huh!), a floppy sun hat (also way cute), and a cover for my iPhone.

We also had a fun time at the Mary Kay party at Sarah's house, and had a great time just hanging out! Thanks, Sar, for letting us come invade :)  It was so fun to have a week of fun and sun!

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Sarah and Trent said...

Super fun! I love having company, please come next week too!