Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Day Out With Thomas

What a fun day! We went down to the Heber Valley Railroad and got to ride on Thomas the Train! Grayson LOVES all things Thomas, so he was in heaven :) 
Daddy and Gray with Thomas! (I promise Gray really was happy, he just doesn't like me taking pictures)

They loved walking on the train tracks

Gray loved these big bubble wands

They had a bunch of train tables there, and of course Gray loved those! He always names all his trains after the Thomas characters anyway, so it was fun for him to have the actual trains to play with. He got so excited every time he found a new one, and would shout their name out loud. 

Riding on Nanni's lap for the train ride
It wasn't the most thrilling of rides, but it was fun for the 3-year-old :)

It was fun for the 4-month-old, too -- especially when Daddy made him "fly"!

Thatcher was made a Jr. Engineer! He was so honored.

Clapping for joy :)  He kept saying "You did it!"

Our friends Shayne and October came down, too! So fun to have you guys!

Poppa was having as much fun as Gray :)
The weather was better than expected, and we had such a fun time!

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anne said...

I had so much fun - - even just watching all the kiddos having such a time - and parents making sure it was all successful - - was so entertaining ! Thanks for asking us to go too ! I loved it ! and Pop sure did too !