Friday, April 8, 2011

Thatcher is 3 Months Old

My sweet Baby T is 3 months old! Here are some new pics of the chubby little guy :)

(I can't decide -- which is better: the little sign? or the onesie sticker??)

Look at those big baby blues!!!

He loves the hedgehog I made him :)

I LOVE THE CHEEKS! And that double chin!! Too cute!

Smirking at something Grayson is doing

Thatcher is so much fun! He is so chill -- just goes with the flow. He smiles so big, and is starting to laugh -- no little baby giggles, either -- it's a big "HAH! HAH!" -- very funny. He loves watching Grayson and Ollie, but his very favorite person is his daddy. He is very strong, and can pretty much support his own weight while sitting and even standing for a few seconds. He eats like a champ, and is getting lots of chub :) He usually sleeps about 6 hours at night (YAY), except when he's building my milk supply up and thinks he needs to eat every 3 hours. He loves to snuggle, and *I* love to snuggle HIM! He is such a little sweetheart, and such a fun part of our lives.


April said...

he is so cute. I can't believe how much he looks like grayson. Griffin LOVES his hedge hog you made that my mom bought him. He chews its nose! I love it too!

anne said...

Great pictures !! He was so fun yesterday trying to talk to me - and snugglin ! oh I love HIM : )