Friday, April 8, 2011

Gray's Annual Haircut

Grayson is terrified of getting his hair cut.  I mean scream-like-he's-getting-a-limb-cut-off terrified.  Therefore, we don't really cut his hair. But it was getting out of control. So I held the poor child and did my best to distract him with games on my iPhone, while Steve buzzed his hair off.  As quickly as possible -- therefore, it's nothing fancy.  But he looks pretty darn cute!
He looks so much older now! And his big blue eyes stand out even more :)

Here's what it looked like a few days ago (we were making cupcakes for his daddy's birthday)

Here's all the hair we cut off.  Wow.

He was pretty happy once it was all over.  We gave him a sucker for being such a good boy (he really did TRY).

Now every time he sees himself in the mirror, he does a double-take, rubs his head, and says, "Fuzzy!"

I have to say, I kind of miss his mop-top!  But he never let me style it, and it was always in his eyes. He's a handsome boy either way :)

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anne said...

I still miss the hair - but he sure seems happy w/ his new do - - FUZZZY !!! : )