Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! I'm not a huge celebrator of this day, (I'm Dutch, not Irish). But we did a few things.  I tried to color Grayson's milk green, but he freaked out about it, so there was no coloring of his food. The boy doesn't like anything unexpected.  We all wore green; both boys ended up getting two different green outfits for the day (I'll spare you the icky details).
Sweet baby T -- such a happy guy!


He is so close to giggling -- kind of does a different "LA!" than his crying "LA"

This was his first green outfit. Don't you wanna kiss those cheeks?!

Gray and I had fun playing with the camera on my phone -- you can look at yourself while you take the picture, so he made all sorts of faces.  Lucky for me, one of the faces was a very cute smile :)

He smiled for a picture with me, too

Gray really likes his daddy's knit hat.  He's down wid it.

The weather was warm enough to spend some time outside -- the grass is starting to get green!

I made a somewhat green meal for dinner.  Stuffed pasta shells (they have spinach in them) and green beans.  On a green shamrock table cloth.
We turned Gray's water green for his bath.  He actually liked that one.

Aaaaand that's about it.  We're boring, I know.  No cute little leprechaun feet or gold glitter all over the house.  No treasure hunt for a pot of gold.  I'm a boring mom.


April said...

I usually do all kinds of stuff on this day, but this year I slacked and well, my kids didn't seem to care. We did have green pancakes and they did wear green but thats about it. cute boys! I think T looks so much like you, a Lowe!

anne said...

ah ! I think that is a very happy celebration ! and one day they will appreciate the green food - - I don't think I did anything til you guys were older - then it was fun ! But did ya kiss the blarney stone ? and watch the muppets ?
The pics are great !

Katie said...

Sometimes I think we have the same 3 year old little boy. Rockwell doesn't like anything unexpected either, and he certainly didn't like his milk turned green. When he wasn't looking, I poured it into a sippy cup and put some Carnation breakfast in it :)
Your boys are so cute! Love the pictures!!!!

Sarah and Trent said...

ah you're a darling mom. I didn't do anything! We wore green. But hey maybe next year we'll have some green food! (I love those little green clothes of T's!)