Thursday, March 3, 2011

Baby T

Just some cute pics of baby T! Enjoy :)
Love his smiles!

milk-drunk smiles

so handsome!

modeling a hat I made for my niece-to-be. I had to make sure it was a good size :)

Big smiles -- for the cute baby in the mirror above him :)

He tried so hard to talk to the baby in the mirror, too

Thatcher adores his daddy!

The feeling is mutual :)

Love these boys :)


Ty and Ber said...

Baby T looks too cute in that little pink hat. Good thing he looks mighty handsome without it.
he is getting so big. Love the big toothless grins!

April said...

oh he is so cute! love those baby smiles.

Jennifer said...

What cute boys you have! Your pictures are making me baby hungry and that is just crazy cause my little one is only 9 months. Too cute!