Thursday, February 24, 2011

Random pics from my phone

Just thought I'd share some of the pics I've taken lately with my phone :)

I love baby T's face in this picture!

Gray loves this big jungle book that some ladies from my mom's work gave him.

He always has to make all the animal sounds

Gray likes to climb into Thatcher's crib and gaze lovingly at him. :)

Somehow he got his blankie up over his head.

Fell asleep in the sling on our walk

Hiding his face because his mean mommy made him wear pink! (we stayed over at my mom's house last-minute, so I didn't have jammies for him.  So my mom pulled out some she'd gotten for my sister's baby girl due in June.  Hahahahaha!!)

T likes to sleep with his arm up over his head like this. Doesn't he look so comfy?!

I can't resist kissing those cheeks!!


Amy said...

Oh he is sooo cute! Paisli always makes that ooo face too! And love the pink jammies, so funny! You'll have to show him later in life when he is thinking he's sooo cool!

Samantha said...

OH I just love those boys ! great random photos to capture those little moments to treasure : )

anne said...

that was me that said the above : )