Friday, October 22, 2010

Dinosaur Park fun!

Steve, Gray and I just went to the Dinosaur Park with Sarah, Rowan, my mom, and my dad! Grayson was so excited, and loved every minute! Here are some (okay, a LOT) of pictures:

Wow, that's a big "elephant dinosaur" -- as Gray called it  :)

Mommy and Grayson enjoying the stroll

These boys were SO excited and ran down the trails most of the time. It was good we had five adults there to keep track of them :)

Aww -- sweet baby Row.  And a dinosaur head.

Row kept saying "WOW!" at this one.

Big Triceratops

This is Grayson saying "RAHR!" in his dinosaur voice! Hehe :)

My silly momma :)

Cute Poppa and Rowan

Strollin' through the trees

More strollin'

Row is sticking his tongue out like the big dinosaur was doing!

And he made his mommy stick her tongue out, too!

Gray was a little wary of the big ones with teeth. He kept saying they were "hungry"!

Row and all the pumpkins

Nana and Poppa with the big dino


Going down the slide

Gray usually HATES going down slides, but this tiny one was just his size, and he loved it!!

Perfect fit for two little boys

They were so cute encouraging each other as they went down.

Fun on the swings

AH! I LOVE THE SMILE!! It's so rare to capture a real smile from Gray on camera!!!

Sarah and my mom pestered Steve and me until we sat on the crocodile for this pic. Lovely, isn't it?!
The boys loved 'hiding' in this skull.

Thanks, Mom and Dad for the fun trip to the Dinosaur Park! Gray is already asking to go back again! :D


Sarah and Trent said...

Awesome! SO many great pictures. thanks so much :)
We had a blast!

Jennifer said...

Have I mentioned how much I like the name Rowan? I also think he is adorable! You are looking so good I hope the rest of the pregnancy flies by and you have your little boy soon.

anne said...

oh I had the best time ! I love that place - especially in the fall w/ all the autumn foilage all about ! The boys were absolutely the funnest ! and we had a great time watching them enjoy so much ! I love the captured moments to remember w/ the photos - thanks Steve !!!