Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's Finally SUMMER!

We are loving the semi-hotness that is early summer in Utah. Gray and I have been spending most of our time outside, exploring and getting messy! I'm just glad it's not 100 degrees outside yet! We're enjoying temps in the 70's/80's! :)

I made a few new little crafts for summer. I bought these "Spring" blocks last year, and I love them, so I decided to give them a dual purpose!

I put "Summer" on the back! (they didn't have any "M"s at the craft store, so I made due with "W"s. I'm past it bugging me, though -- I think it's kind of cute!!

I also made this felt flower wreath! Bright, happy, summery colors!

Gray thinks we need to go to Nana and Pop's house every day -- he LOVES it there! They have a fun little sandbox and a water/train table there that he just thinks is the best thing in the world. They also live a block away from the "park" (the elementary school's playground), that he drags us all to numerous times when we're there. My parents are such good sports to humor him! :)

My sister and her little boy Rowan were just here visiting from Las Vegas -- we had so much fun with them! It's so weird to see Gray as the "big boy", and see Row try to copy everything he does! Such cute little guys!

Hm. Well, that seems to be all the pictures I have taken lately. I'll need to fix that...


Ty and Ber said...

You are so crafty. I love the things you come up with.

anne said...

I love the wreath ! You need to do that to my old grapevine one - I love the pics ! LOVE the BOYS ! love the playtimes ! thanks for sharing the pics -

Sarah and Trent said...

Row's head looks rather large. haha!
Cute craftiness my sis, very cute. Thanks for your help with the booties, and see you again soon!

jamielynn said...

your wreath is super cute!