Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Fun Night at Fat Cat's

Steve and I just had a much-needed date night with our friends! We decided to have a flash-back-to-high school night, so we went to Jake's Over the Top for dinner, then went bowling. We tried to go to WSU first (this is usually where we went in high school), but they closed at 7 "for the holiday" --what?! You close early on Saturday for the holiday on Monday?? Especially when the holiday is LABOR DAY!? This makes absolutely no sense to me. Whatever. So we went to Fat Cat's instead. Which wasn't in existence when we were in high school. But in the spirit of acting like high-schoolers, we bowled like nerds (ok, Steve and I bowled like nerds), went mini golfing, and rode the bumper cars! Ahh what fun, what fun! Here are some pictures I took, so you can enjoy our fun times too! Feel free to laugh.
Kandis and Derek

Jessica and Adam

This is my sexy husband, aka "The Claw" -- he was so excited that we were going bowling, he wore his bowling shirt -- it has "The Claw" embroidered on the front. And "Chicco's Bail Bonds" on the back. Preeeetty snazzy. And so is this pose.

Remember the nerdy bowling I mentioned? Here is the proof...

... and even more proof.

Cute Jess

Action shot of Derek's skills.

Silly Jess! We get pretty silly/weird/dorky when we get together. What can I say? We've been friends forever! :)

A super-good shot of our mini golfing adventure. It's the only one I took, so it's going on the blog. (I especially like Adam's hot pink purse in this picture -- the boy knows how to accesorize!)

The fun-ness that is bumper cars!

Yay! Thanks, guys, for coming up to O-Town to play with us! It was super fun, and we need to do it more often!
And thanks, Jeanne, for watching Grayson, so we could have such a fun night!! :) It was nice to do something fun without being pulled a thousand different directions by my toddler! :)

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Steve won everything. He beat Derek in bowling by ONE POINT (!), and won by like 7 points in mini golf. He even beat Adam in the one arcade game they played! He was on a roll! Good job, honey! Ya made me proud :)


derek said...

Haha, look slike fun!

Kandis & Derek said...

Good times! That was fun, we need to do it more often! Thanks for playing with us!

Can you email me some of those pics?

anne said...

glad to see you are still wild and crazzzzy ! some things never change

Sarah and Trent said...

Love the nerd bowling~ great socks Manth!

Sarah and Trent said...

ps, I love your new crocheted creations~ so so cute Manth