Saturday, September 19, 2009


We went out to my mom's friend's house up by Pineview, so Steve could help Sheri with her computer -- we all went because Sheri has goats, and thought Gray would have fun with them! He sure did -- and he also loved throwing rocks in the river, and poking sticks in the dirt, and running everywhere as fast as he could go! He had quite the adventure!! :D Here are some pictures --what a pretty place, huh!


anne said...

Oh I love the pics ! good job mantha! Gray sure is an adventurer - WOW and WOW and wow , he would say ! I think he would have just jumped right in the river! was a great little time !

Sarah and Trent said...

ahhhh FUN! I like the goats too. I just learned how to sign GOAT today! Hey see you guys this weekend!!!

mommy princess said...

He's all boy! What a little cutie. Sometimes I wish we could hear whats going on in their little heads. I'll be up north next week I'll have to try and get over to that boutique.