Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fun in the Sandbox!

My mom and dad just bought the cutest sandbox for their backyard! It's adorable! So of course Grayson had to go over and check it out! He had a BLAST! It's definitely a hit! So here are a lot of pictures of him and the sandbox :) (anyone else think I take wayyyyyyyy too many pictures?! whoo!)

His very first reaction to the sandbox! "WOW!"

Silly Daddy burying Gray's foot.
Trying to eat the sand. He figured out REAL fast that he didn't like it!


Katie said...

Those are cute pictures! I want to get a sandbox for my kids, and after looking at these picture I REALLY want to get one! :)

Sarah and Trent said...

ooh fun fun!! I have such good memories of playing in the sandbox at Amma and Pa's. Our kids will all have those now too, yah!