Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cute pic and a fun game

Here's the cute pic! Adorable baby!!!

And here's the fun game! :) Here's what you do (pretty simple!): just Google your name, followed by the word 'needs' -- aka: "Samantha needs" and post the top 10 results! It's quite funny! Here are my results!!

Samantha needs a new life cause you are all sucking the life out of this one
Samantha needs to take a leak pretty bad apparently
(How did they know........?!)
Sweet Sam needs a home
(Ahh, I'm sweet!!! How nice! But thanks, I have a home already!)
Does "Dancing With the Stars" really need Samantha Harris?
(HAHAHAHA! I totally agree -- she bugs!)
True, Sam just needs a little getting used to. Beauty, after all, is within
(Aww, I'm a sweet spirit!!)
Uncle Sam needs to go shopping. Not us
(Um. Ok....?!)
Samantha needs some hugs.
(Yes, please!)
Samantha needs to go live in her own castle.
(Ooo, I get a castle?!? Yayyy!!)
Sam needs a ‘doggie bag’(Ok. Sure)
Samantha needs and deserves a $3000 "hair prosthesis."
(Is my hair really THAT bad??!?!?)


Becky said...

LOL- that was hialrious. I'll have to try that. And that picture is sooo cute!!

Cassi and Chadd said...

That was hilarious. So are you going to get the hair prosthesis or not?

Katie said...

Hahaha!!! That's funny!! Very cute picture..he's darling, as usual :) Rockwell actually has that same sweater on today.

Sarah & Trent said...

Oh my GOSHHHHH that picture of Gray would totally win the Regis and Kelly baby contest. :)
And no, you don't need a hair prothesis. You have an abundance of beauuuutiful hair! Those were pretty durn funny.

Ben and KoriAnn said...

I've found the problem with watching the office on their website is that they are not in order. I don't want to miss an episode, and Camille told me that they only keep them on the website for you to watch for a week.