Monday, September 1, 2008

My Favorite Things Tag

I'm starting a new TAG! I want to hear about everyone's favorite baby/child-related things they've picked up in their mothering adventures! So I will start it out, then everyone else do it, too! ;) Scroll over the first words of every item -- the big, bold ones -- for the link to that product! People keep asking me where I got things, so here ya go!

My top 10 favorite baby items I can't live without: (in no particular order)

1. Bugaboo Frog stroller -- I seriously can't say enough about this stroller! It's a little pricey, but SO worth it! I got mine used on Ebay for about 1/2 the price, and it's been wonderful! It has a bassinet attachment for before they're able to sit up, an attachment for my Graco car seat (MUCH lighter, smaller and easier to maneuver than a travel system), and a regular seat (that you can tip at different angles, so I can lay him back if he falls asleep). Steve's favorite part is the shocks on the wheels -- we have taken it off the trails in the mountains and been fine! You can also take it in the snow and sand (if we had any around here!). And it handles like a dream! ;) It turns on a dime and I can push it through a crowd with one hand! And pick it up with one hand! Wonderful wonderful bugaboo!! I love you!
2. The best burp cloths ever -- Basic Comfort "Ultra Plush"-- they are so soft (we call them 'fuzzies') and they have a waterproof barrier in between the soft layers so they don't leak through -- BUT are machine washable! I use mine for everything -- burp cloth, changing pad cover, comfort snuggle fuzzy! LOVE em! I got 2 packs of 4, and I'm glad I have so many :) Thanks, Mom for finding them! (Flashback photo -- he's only a few days old in this picture! We've been using these cloths since day 1!)

3. Sweet Ruby binki clips -- a good friend of the family, April Maw, makes these clips, and the only time Grayson isn't wearing one is in the bath tub!! I have 3 different designs (because you have to match his cute outfits!), and I want more! They're stylish and practical, and they don't have the huge plastic clips that are so bulky! And I don't ever have to deal with a binki dropped on a public bathroom floor!!! She makes attachments for all different kinds of binki's, too! She also makes cute hooded towels, adorable onesies, and the cutest, softest lovey blankets (we have all of these, too -- love it all! Gray can't sleep without his blankie!) Thanks, April! You're a genius!

4. Boppy -- makes nursing sooooo much easier -- especially since Gray is now almost 20 lbs -- my arms can't hold him in one position for too long! Plus it's been great to prop him up on, or place around him while he's been learning to sit up! Wonderful invention! (this pic was when he was only a few weeks old! he's so teeny!!! awww)

5. Lilypadz are the best nursing pads I've found! They're very thin and stick to your skin to prevent leaking, so you don't have to walk around with soaking wet pads that are super thick and show through your shirts! And they're reusable -- just wash with soap and water -- so you don't have to keep buying lots of pads!

6. 4Moms Baby bath tub -- I loved this tub -- I'm sad that Gray has outgrown it! It's great because it has a built-in thermometer so you know instantly if the water is too hot, a separate basin for the water to go in before it runs down to the baby so if it DOES get too hot, it doesn't touch the baby, AND it uses constantly-running water, so the baby is never in dirty water! And it fits on just about any sink, so it's right at the most convenient height. Love it! Thanks again, Mom for finding this, too!

7. Jaques the Peacock by Lamaze -- baby Gray's favorite toy! It has cool black and white patterns on the back, which he loved when he was a tiny baby. And it has fun colors, textures and sounds that he loves now! His first smile was at this toy!!!
8. Baby wrap -- I love my baby wrap! My mom got it for me at the farmer's market, but you can buy one lots of places -- or it looks really easy to make, too! (The link is to a great baby-wearing website that teaches different wraps and has links to shops to buy them, too). Little Grayson is very attached to me lately and does not like to be put down, so it is so convenient to just strap him to me and go! :)

9. Fischer Price Jumperoo -- Grayson LOVES his bouncy chair! You should see him in it -- it's hilarious! He jumps as hard as he can, over and over, for as long as he can, until he gets hungry or falls asleep (ok, not all the time, but at least for a good 15-20 mins!) It provides me with precious minutes to do the essentials, like go to the bathroom, eat, shower, blog.... :)

10. Bebe au Lait nursing cover -- very helpful for nursing Grayson in public places! It's so much easier than trying to cover yourself with a blanket while holding a squirming baby! Plus there's a wire in the top that holds it out from your body, so YOU can see the baby, but no one else can! And there's a little pocket in the bottom corner that I always put my nursing pad in so I don't lose it! (this pic is obviously not me! but I didn't have one of me!!!)

Honorable mention goes to:
Fisher-Price papasan cradle swing, Babylegs, Fisher-Price Waterfall Soother, Bumbo, 'Sugar Booger' closet dividers & zippered wipes pouches; Loopa bowl; Pee Pee Tee Pees; anything Gymboree

I tag: Bex, Kim, Kasey, April, Amy (both of you!), and anyone and everyone that wants to do this! I want your wisdom! :)


Becky said...

I'm working on mine!

Kristin Joy said...
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April said...

What a cool stroller. So cute and don't you just love ebay? And thanks for the shout out. I really couldn't have lived without Ruby having her binky clip, especially when she started walking. Now unfortunately she no longer uses it because she can only have a binky at night, I guess its a good thing I'm having another one.

Amy said...

Okay! Where did you buy the Lilly pads? I need something different for sure! I absolutley hate the pads I have and have tried two different kinds now, and cannot stand them! Also, My mom made me a nursing cover, (booby bibs)! She is selling them now, so if you know anyone who wants one she sells them for $25. I really love it too! It has the wire so you can see the baby and also a pocket made of terrycloth to wipe away spit up and store things in! It really has helped me out!!!

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

I just ordered some Lily Padz to try for the first time. Have heard great things!!


Sarah and Trent said...

My friend Tammy did a post like this back in April! Check out some more favorites...