Friday, January 4, 2013

Merry Christmas 2012!

Well, the boys had a great Christmas! They were spoiled, as always, and loved every minute! :)

We spent Christmas Eve at the Wayments' house, relaxing, watching Christmas shows, eating a delicious dinner, and opening lots of goodies!

Gray with his loot

Opening the stash

Grayson's favorite -- a Jake and the Neverland Pirates toy ship!

Thatcher's favorite -- a huge car tower!

When we got home, Grayson had to set out milk and cookies for Santa, plus he had to sprinkle the magic reindeer food he got at preschool out on the lawn.

Christmas morning was exciting -- Santa came!

Gray ran down the stairs (excuse the no pants -- we're lucky he had a shirt on)

Santa brought Thatcher a Sit N Spin, a toy walrus, and lots of awesome cars to play with!

Santa brought Grayson a Big Wheel, a lemur toy (he says it's Zaboomafoo),  and lots of other little toys

T trying out the Big Wheel

Checking out the stocking

What's in there?

"There you are, Perry!"

New Angry Bird toy (the balloon one -- hence the face)

T was quite happy with his dump truck

He was even happier when we put M&M's in the dump truck

Then came Gray's BIG present from Daddy -- Skylanders!

That's one happy boy!

I stayed home, super sick -- while the boys went over to my parents' house for breakfast and lots of fun!

So excited for the blocks from Uncle JD and Aunt Kenna
T loves the doggie guitar from Nani and Poppa 

He even shared the fun with Holland :)

Tickles from Kailee

Snuggling with Pop

Awesome block building

Grayson loved the TMNT he got from Nani

And the awesome T-Rex, too! He roars and moves -- so cool

That's one happy little guy :)
Thanks to everyone for all the fun festivities! I feel like I completely failed as a mother this year -- being so darn sick.  I had a lot of help to make it a good Christmas for my boys.  Thank you!

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anne said...

So very glad you feel better ! Thanks for the good pics Steve- oh we had a good time :)