Monday, October 8, 2012

The Treehouse is always fun :)

Some funny pics from our recent trip to the Treehouse that Nani took. Sarah and her kids were in town, so the whole Lowe family went for a little Treehouse outing :). Nani, Poppa, and JD and his girls all came, too! What a fun day :)

Gray proclaimed this to be a Ninja Turtle.

JD with Kailee and baby Dee.  ... and a donkey.

T of course found every car in the place and declared it to be his.

The trains were also "cars"

Gray said "Look, Mommy! I found a new sword!" and tried so hard to get it out -- he was quite disappointed when he couldn't, and even enlisted Uncle JD's help to pull.  No luck, unfortunately.  He finally gave up when I told him that if he pulled it out, he'd have to be the king.  "I don't wanna be a king, Mommy. I'm just a kid!" :D

T busied himself with throwing the big chess pieces around the room.

Gray and Row "playing" a game of chess -- which entailed of knocking the pieces over with Gray's sword.

Playing the big drum

The cutest little firefighters ever

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anne said...

what a fun fun day ! I think T did 100% of everything possible there ! What a busy little guy - I had a great time :D