Friday, April 6, 2012

Little T is 15 Months Old

Big smiles! He loves to be outside!

We officially have a walker on our hands! Thatcher figured out the whole toddling thing a few weeks ago, and he hasn't slowed down since. Sometimes he just "runs" up and down the hall, giggling madly, for no apparent reason.
His top teeth are finally coming in, so now he has four. Good for him, not so good for the still-nursing momma. Ow.
He is picking up new words like crazy. He can say mama, dada, buh-buh (for 'brother), dog, ball (his favorite thing in the world!), all done (ahh duh!), Nani, Grampa, book, bubbles, pretty, more, yes, that, this, up, and he tries to repeat back anything he hears. I swear he can say "Kenadee"!
T is a great little eater, and will eat nearly anything you put in front of him (or that he can steal off of Grayson's plate). He also loves his sippy cup, and anything you put in it.
He frequently takes things that he knows are Grayson's, then toddles over to Gray, waves whatever it is in his face, then takes off as fast as he can. I think it's hilarious. Gray, not so much.
The only thing that keeps him in one spot for more than one minute is Baby Signing Time. He loves it. He knows a lot of signs, and uses them frequently. It's really cute.
He's pretty much the most awesome baby alive. :D
I love when he makes this face! And he always goes "ohhh ho ho ho"
Tuckered out :)
T loves the Little Tykes car. What a good big brother Grayson is to push him around in it!
Bucket on his head.  This kept him entertained for a half hour.
T has taken to crawling between everyone's legs and just sitting there like this. He thinks it's hilarious.
Again in the car
At the Dino Park
At Nani and Pop's house

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anne said...

I love this little guy and his busy personality ! He sure had come alive ! such a mellow baby now is takin charge ! so very cute. I love his laugh and his cutest little shy smile !