Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gray's first no-cry haircut!

Grayson has ALWAYS had a very hard time getting his hair cut. He shakes, sobs, and screams so hard he turns purple! It's always so traumatizing, so we always put it off.  So imagine my surprise last night -- we told Gray it was time to trim his hair, and he said "Ok!", and just trotted upstairs and sat on the edge of the tub! No kicking and screaming, no holding him down! He was great! I was shocked! I'm so proud of him! I know it seems like a little thing -- to sit through a haircut.  But it's a HUGE deal with Gray! He's getting so big! Here are the pics of his new 'do:
Such a handsome fella!


Sarah and Trent said...

Lookin' good, bud! So excited to see you soon!!!
It's funny huh, how sometimes there's a little switch that flips somehow~ and then they're just ok with whatever was so hard. There have been a few things lately with Rowan like that too.

anne said...

He is very handsome ! love that last pic :D

Pieces of Us said...

Very cute! The thing that works best for my boys is giving them a popsicle when I cut their hair. They ended up a sticky hairy mess but they sit still and don't cry!

behoxer said...

He looks very handsome! And that is a big deal. Every time Kate lets me brush her teeth I want to declare a national holiday and it sounds like it was a huge breakthrough!