Tuesday, August 16, 2011

7 Months

This sweet little guy is 7 months old! It seems like I just barely got used to saying he was 6 months!! Stop growing so fast, little one!

love those toes!

Time-out from the photo shoot for some kisses from big brother :)
Thatcher sits up very well by himself. He loves to stand, and bounce in his jumperoo.  He laughs at everything his big brother does -- he thinks Grayson is the best thing in the world. He goos and coos all the time, and loves to pop his fist in and out of his mouth and go "ba ba ba ba ba". He loves bananas, apple sauce, and peas. He doesn't love sweet potatoes (yet!). We love you, little T-bear!


anne said...

perfect pictures ! I love the looks you captured - especially his curly lock of hair. Sweet sweet baby boy ! LOVE HIM

anne said...

and I have to say I love his BIG ole kisses he gives his nani !!!