Monday, June 27, 2011

We love the Dinosaur Park!

We've been making great use of our Dinosaur Park pass!  Here are some pics we took last month at one of our visits. We've been lots of times since, but I haven't taken more pics...

Gray said "It's a match!!!!"

These ones really WERE a match :)

Gray said this one was a "little baby dinosaur like Thatcher!"

Daddy's favorite dinosaur. Probably because of the striking resemblance...

Grayson says his favorite dinosaurs are the Triceratops and the Stegosaurus

He also really likes the bear and the "cumas" (pumas)

Gray loves this frog and will just climb on top and sit forever. :)

He still doesn't like slides, but Ellie sure loves them!

He thought the pink Dino dinosaur was "so funny!"

Gray and the "hairy rhino monster"

He loves these binoculars.  No idea why.

I love this shot :)

This is Gray the first time he saw the moving dinosaurs inside the museum.  He loved them, and wouldn't move from this spot for about ten minutes.  But he would NOT get any closer than the doorway.  I think he wasn't sure if they were really real or not :)


Sarah and Trent said...

haha! Hairy rhino monster. And I love how he sits on the frog. What a silly billy!! Wish we could come.

Sarah and Trent said...

Hey ps, Rowan says c's for p's all the time (like cuma for puma). He says Cursy for Percy! And curse for purse.