Monday, December 13, 2010

For Daddy

Gray's new favorite place to take his books to read. On top of his changing table.

This is how I just found Gray when I checked on him tonight.
Two funny things about this picture: 1. He's totally buried under his big elephant pillow.  
2. For some reason Gray has had something against wearing pants lately. Puts up a HUGE fight every time I put pants on him. And when I DO manage to get pants on him, the moment I leave him alone, he takes them right off. Silly pants-less boy.

At the Treehouse Museum's annual Milk and Cookies with Santa party -- my mom and dad took Gray so I could rest.
Gray's favorite place at the Treehouse is the train tables.  P.S. It's time to give in and take Gray to get a a hair cut. He's looking WAY too Justin Bieber-ish lately....
He loves the tunnels at the Treehouse, too. (Thanks, Mom for taking some pictures)

Gray also likes to get inside the dog kennel at my parents' house. Eww. 

Since his daddy hasn't seen him for weeks, I thought I'd load some pics of what Grayson has been up to lately so he can see :) I'm trying to upload a video, too, but it's not working for some reason. I'll keep trying, Steve-o!

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anne said...

We miss you TOO , daddy - steveo
Glad you will be home soon :)