Sunday, June 8, 2008

Yay for Baby Gray!!! (and other random photos!)

There was a momentous occasion this week in the Wayment household -- Grayson rolled over by himself for the first time!! Yay for my big boy!! He was funny about it, though -- I don't think he quite meant to do it, cuz as soon as he did it, he got a real startled look on his face and then started crying!! He's done it quite a few times since, though, and he's got it down now! He even rolled over twice in a row tonight so Daddy could see his big accomplishment! :)

This is just a cute pic of me & my sweet boy -- wearing one of the hats I made him while I was on bedrest! I had to get one pic of it at least! :)

And look how big Gray is in his tub now! He LOOOOVES taking baths! He's a little fishy -- splashes as long as you'll let him!


Becky said...

He really is a stud! He is so cute, you guys do nice work :)

April said...

as always too cute. Love the hat and you look so pretty. Can I hold him?

Sarah and Trent said...

Oh I'm so glad you take lots of pictures of him in all his cute outfits. I love his hats and his EYES! Oh my goodness those eyes.